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Protexin Pro-Kolin Probiotic Reviews

Average Rating 4.7 Based on 20 Reviews
65% of Reviewers Recommend This Product
Protexin Pro-Kolin Probiotic
  • Pet
    Dog, Cat
  • Treatment For
    Digestive Health
  • Health Benefits
    Aids Digestive System and Prevents Stomach Related Issues
  • Product Type
    Oral, Palatable Paste
  • Recommended for
    Puppies and Kittens of All Life Stages
  • Key Ingredients
    Soya Oil, Pectin, Preplex Prebiotic, Dextrose
  • A perfect probiotic and prebiotic supplement
  • Helps in proper digestion
  • Effective in easy passage of stool
  • Aids in reduces gastric issues
  • Supports gut lining during gastric sensitivity
  • Has natural binding agent
  • Supports the growth of beneficial microorganisms
  • Ensures the consistency of stools
  • Enriched with beneficial micro-organisms to rapidly populate the gastrointestinal tract
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Best Online Pet Supplies Shop Jan 28, 2022
The best affordable online shop I have ever come across.
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Ultimate Solution for Digestive Health Jul 22, 2021
The ultimate formula for my furry dudes. It helps to prevent digestive health related problems.
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Best Product Mar 23, 2021
Best and effective treatment for our furry friend's nutrition support and health.
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It does its job effectively. Feb 25, 2021
After using for few days, I had already ordered another one to stock up! It does its job effectively.
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Works amazingly Jan 29, 2021
The product seems to be working amazingly. Must buy this for overall health well-being.
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Protexin Pro-Kolin Probiotic for Supplements
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