HP Healing Cream for Homeopathic

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HP Healing Cream for Dogs/Cats

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HP Healing Cream for Dogs/Cats

HP Healing Cream is an anti-infective first aid cream for cuts, wounds and incised wounds. The chemical-free formulation aids in healing faster and effective in treating cuts, burns and bites. The topical solution is non-steroidal cream that can be used to relieve pain, promote rapid healing in wounds, cuts, bites and burns in animals. This all-natural formula treats wounds and helps reduce swelling. The natural skin formulation is highly effective on previously non-responsive wounds. It helps to prevent and treat wounds on all animals.

How it works?

HP Healing Cream is an essential skin care product for various types of cuts and wounds. The nature-rich formulation is developed with various naturally occurring materials. Extracting the healing power of each substance, the collective effect helps in healing faster and prevents bacterial infection in open wounds and cuts. The cream seals in the moisture and speeds the regeneration of cell tissue therefore decreasing time for wound closure. The topical formulation boosts the immune system of the entire body and supports recovery. It is highly effective in treating all types of wounds.


Monkshood, Leopards Bane, Iodide of Arsenic, Deadly Nightshade, Bruisewort, Wild Hops, Pot Marigold, German Chamomile, Purple Cone-Flower, Black Sampson, Black Pencil Lead, Witch Hazel, Calcium Sulphide, St. John's WOrt, Bushmaster Snake, Marsh Tea, Yarrow, Mercury, Pokeweed, Garden Rue, Poison Oak, Pure Flint, Chickweed, Subliminated Sulphur, Comfrey, Arbor Vitae


  • Apply the cream directly to the ulcers and large open wounds.
  • For incised, or similar kind of wounds or puncture wounds, apply the cream around the area.
  • It can be applied in conjunction with other HomeoPet products also.
  • Apply to affected area once to three times daily covering the affected area.
  • Once a response is seen, reduce or stop the administration.
  • In case symptoms reappear, reapply the cream.
  • Wash hands after use.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not use on fish.
  • Consult a vet before applying to pregnant animals.
  • An effective remedy for burns, cuts, wounds and bites
  • Enhances healing process and boosts recovery
  • Cream seals in moisture
  • Non-steroidal or other anti-inflammatory effect thus speeds healing
  • Beneficial in using externally on open or bandaged wounds
  • No known side effects, safe for kittens, cats, puppies and dogs
  • Non-toxic, free of chemicals
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best treatment
our first aid kit always has this one
no more rashes
the rashes healed faster. provides good results compared to other treatments