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Profender Reviews

Average Rating 4.9
Based on 63 Reviews
88% of Reviewers
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Top Reviews
Safe to use
I have never seen any side effects of this product on my kitty. All it does is work really well.
Easy to use
This product is s convenient and easy to apply on my cat and ot also works so well.
One Time Dosage
Unlike other treatments, this requires just one-time application and I do not even have to remember about the second dosage
Profender works great
Have used Profender on my two cats for years and it's the best wormer ever as it's simple to use and effective.
Highly effective
A highly effective dewormer which also easier to administer for our fussy indoor cat.
Profender with no probs
Have used Profender on my two cats for years and it is the best wormer ever as it is simple to use and effective.
Convenient Treatment
I find this product very much convenient than trying to get my cat to swallow a tablet.
Never had a problem
I have used Profender on my cats for a few months and never had issues. It really works and has no side effects.
Works great against worms
Profender works really well in killing worms like hookworms and roundworms. A great product for my cat.
Hookworms destroyer
I was told to use Profender when my buddy was infected with hookworms. It effectively destroyed the hookworms and I'm highly satisfied.