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Seraquin for Cats

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Seraquin for Cats 800 mg

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60 Tablet

Seraquin Chewable Tablets for Cats

Seraquin Chewable tablets is an excellent treatment for joint problem in cats. Recommended by vets, these chewy tablets support healthy joint function. It aids to relax stiff joints and promotes mobility. The unique formula is safe on dogs and can be used alongside other arthritis treatments.

How it works?

Seraquin contains special ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin along with turmeric extract. The major two ingredients help rebuild cartilage and reduce damage of cartilage. It lowers pain and increases mobility. The turmeric extract helps in diminishing inflammatory effects and improves joint health in cats.


Inactivated yeast, glucosamine HCI, chondroitin sulphate, hydrolysed chicken protein, maize starch, saccharose, standardised turmeric extract, maize protein.


  • Should be administered orally.
  • Mix it with food and give.
  • Dose should be given according to your cat’s weight.
  • Do not overdose your cat.
  • Store it away from children and pets.
  • Keep out of hot sun and damp place.
  • Do not treat animals hypo-allergic to the ingredients of the product.
  • Helps improve joint health
  • Lowers pain and inflammation due to arthritis
  • Prevents degeneration of cartilage due to daily wear and tear
  • Enhances mobility and reduces pain
  • Boosts agility and helps to regain normal life
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Great Product!
Helpful to relax joint pain and improves mobility, Great Product!
Helpful for Joint Problems
Very helpful and effective to promote mobility and relaxes joint stiffness.