Leaks No More

HomeoPet Leaks No More for Dogs/Cats

HomeoPet Leaks No More is a chemical free treatment for urinary incontinence or leaking in older dogs/cats. It is also helpful for leaking issues in spayed or neutered pets. The natural formulation helps to reduce leaking problem in dogs/cats and aids them to lead normal life. The easy to use preparation when given on regular periods, relieves pets from dripping or leaking issues. It prevents bed-wetting, littering and improves their life style.

How it works?

Leaks No More is made with natural ingredients like Alumina, Cantharis, Causticum, Gelsemium sempervirens and Plantago. This combination provides relief from leaking or urinary incontinence that occur in older pets, and spayed females/neutered males. The clinically proven formula is safe and effective, and can be used on all pets.

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I never thought there exists natural remedy for leaking issues of my dog. just dosing as recommended and can see the difference. thanks

best product

was tired of Messy leaking problem. but after using this quite relieved.

Takes readily

Excellent product and fuss when dosing this. I was worried that Sashy will not take this. But she was quite comfortable and I am happy for that.

Controls marking

Controls those unlikely leaking during nights. My kitty is happy now.