HP Healing Cream

HP Healing Cream for Dogs/Cats

HP Healing Cream is an anti-infective first aid cream for cuts, wounds and incised wounds. The chemical-free formulation aids in healing faster and effective in treating cuts, burns and bites. The topical solution is non-steroidal cream that can be used to relieve pain, promote rapid healing in wounds, cuts, bites and burns in animals. This all-natural formula treats wounds and helps reduce swelling. The natural skin formulation is highly effective on previously non-responsive wounds. It helps to prevent and treat wounds on all animals.

How it works?

HP Healing Cream is an essential skin care product for various types of cuts and wounds. The nature-rich formulation is developed with various naturally occurring materials. Extracting the healing power of each substance, the collective effect helps in healing faster and prevents bacterial infection in open wounds and cuts. The cream seals in the moisture and speeds the regeneration of cell tissue therefore decreasing time for wound closure. The topical formulation boosts the immune system of the entire body and supports recovery. It is highly effective in treating all types of wounds.

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best natural cream

Healing cream - this one is natural product so has never got chance to complain about it

Healing cream

just works great no itches and no scratches

Good value

Effectve and good value for money, works for both my dogs (pug and bull dog)

good cream

Easy to apply and works. Natural product so no side effects