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Frontline Plus Reviews
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Top Reviews
It tricked the ticks
It was worrisome to see my poodle suffering from ticks. However Frontline played its part and the ticks are nowhere around him.
Works Great
This product keeps those pesky fleas and ticks away from my pet. It is highly effective
Effective preventive
It not only kills fleas but also prevents them from hunting my kitty.
Highly convenient
I found that this product works very well when I started using it for my cats, having no problems with fleas or ticks since using it.
Reliable product
Frontline is easy to use, long lasting and effective. It's done quite quickly and the cat is much happier than with product that works less effective.
Works Really Well
My cat was badly haunted by fleas. A single dose of this topical Frontline Plus and all her fleas disappeared. I firmly recommend this product to other pet parents.
Highly Recommended
My cat had turned into a fleabag. A single dose of this topical Frontline Plus, her flees disappeared. I firmly recommend this product to other pet parents.
Reliable Product
Frontline plus is a very reliable product that I have been using for my kitty since years.
Frontline or nothing!
I recommend this to anyone that owns a cat, better to prevent fleas then have to deal with them later
Great Product
Great product goes on easy, doesn't smell as much as some I've used. Works well does what it says on the box.