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Comfortis for Cats

Prices From : $35.78USD

Comfortis For Small Cats 1.4 to 2.7 Kg (3 to 6 lbs) 140mg

Pack Size
Sale Price
3 Chews
6 Chews
12 Chews

Comfortis For Medium Cats 2.8 to 5.4 KG (6 to 12 lbs) 270mg

Pack Size
Sale Price
3 Chews
6 Chews
12 Chews

Comfortis For Large Cats 5.5 to 11.2 KG (12 to 25 lbs) 560mg

Pack Size
Sale Price
3 Chews
6 Chews
12 Chews

Comfortis for Cats

Comfortis for Cats is fast action flea treatment that starts killing fleas within 4 hours of administration. It comes in the form of a beef flavored chewable tablet that is loved by felines. It needs to be administered on a monthly basis. It also prevents flea infestation in cats for an entire month. Since it is a prescription product you will require a prior prescription from veterinarian before administering this treatment in your feline. It starts working with half an hour of administration and kills 100% fleas within 4 hours.

It is safe to be given to kittens and cats 14 weeks of age and older

How It Works?

Comfortis for cats contains Spinosad as an active ingredient. Spinosad, an insecticide with adulticidal properties causes hyper excitation in nervous system of fleas. This results in paralysis and eventual death of fleas. With the monthly dosage of Spinosad there is complete abolishment of new fleas and prevention of re-infestation by slowing down the egg production. Thus it breaks the flea life cycle and reduces the population of fleas.




  • The dosage of the tablet is contingent on the weight of the feline
  • The very first step is to weigh the cat and then select the appropriate pack as per the weight of the cat
  • You can administer this oral treatment with food or after meal
  • If the cat does not take the tablet directly then open the mouth and place the tablet at the back of the tongue
  • If the pet does not take the tablet orally then mix with their food
  • Make sure that the pet completes the meal completely for the dose to remain effective

Dosage table:

Cat Weight (Kg)

Pack Color

No. of tablets and tablet strength (mg Spinosad)

1.2 – 1.8


1 x 90 mg tablet

1.9 – 2.8


1 x 140 mg tablet

2.9 – 3.6


2 x 90 mg tablets

3.7 – 5.4 


1 x 270 mg tablet

5.5 – 8.5


1 x 425 mg tablet

More than 8.5

Combination of tablets


  • After administering this chewable tablet in cats wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water
  • Children should not be allowed to get near this oral treatment
  • Follow the label instructions to the “t” and see to it that there is no occurrence of over dosage in felines
  • If any human being accidently ingests this treatment then immediately rush to your doctor and take medical help
  • If the cat is allergic to Spinosad then do not administer this oral treatment to them
  • If the product has been kept for more than the expiry date then do not give it to your cat
  • If your cat is allergic to pork then do not administer this oral treatment to them since the product contains pork-based proteins
  • If your cat is hypersensitive then they can face side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, skin inflammation, cough, excessive thirst, salivation, lethargy, etc.
  • If your feline has a history of seizures and epilepsy then do not administer this tablet to them. Take prior recommendation from your veterinarian before commencing the dosage in epileptic cats
  • The treatment needs to be kept at a room temperature between 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Other contraindications of Comfortis are not known yet but it is advisable to check with your vet for stopping the tablets due to the individual sensitivities of your pet
  • If your feline is younger than 14 weeks of age then do not administer this treatment to them
  • A monthly dosage prevents future infestation of fleas
  • Beef flavor makes it palatable for felines
  • Can be administered in combination with other treatments
  • Destroys 100% fleas within 4 hours
  • Easy to administer oral treatment
  • Eliminates all adult fleas before they lay eggs thus breaking the flea life cycle
  • Starts killing fleas within half an hour of administration
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My Fido's Fav
Beef flavored is just amazing! Its my fido's fav!
Best and effective
Definitely I’ll repurchase this. Highly-effective and convenient.
Best and effective
The best and effective treatment I have ever used for my pal. Would highly recommend this to every pet parent like me.
Excellent Product
Once you start using it for your pet results will not let you buy anything else. Highly recommended
Very quick shipping
Very impressed with their quick shipping. My product came before time.