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Bob Martin Clear Ticks & Fleas Spot On for Cats

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5.0/5 (2 Reviews)
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  • Information
  • Directions
  • Safety
  • Benefits
Bob Martin Clear Ticks & Fleas Spot On
  • Pet
  • Product Type
    Flea and Tick Treatment
  • Health Benefits
    Kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae and ticks
  • Product Form
    Topical (Spot-On)
  • Recommended for
    Cats of all breeds and life stages
  • Key Ingredients
    RS Methoprene 15% m/m &Ethylbutyfacetylaminopropionate 70% m/m

Bob Martin Tick and Flea Spot On for Cats

Bob Martin Tick and Flea Spot On for Cats is a remarkable solution for combating fleas and ticks in your beloved feline companion. Formulated to prioritize the well-being and happiness of your cat, this remarkable product offers effective protection against fleas and ticks for a prolonged period of up to four weeks. It is specifically formulated to target and treat various stages of fleas, including eggs, larvae, and adults, and ticks. With its user-friendly application and precise dosing, achieving effective external parasite control has never been easier. The gentle formula is meticulously crafted to ensure the safety of cats of all breeds, making it a proactive preventive measure against flea and tick infestations.

How to Use Bob Martin Clear Ticks & Fleas Spot On for Cats

  • Place your cat in a comfortable and secure area for application.
  • Hold the pipette upright and twist off the cap.
  • Part your cat's fur between its shoulder blades to expose the skin.
  • Apply the entire contents of the pipette onto the skin.
  • Allow the area to dry naturally.
  • Avoid bathing or grooming your cat for at least 48 hours.
  • Read the labeled directions before use.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Provides comprehensive flea and tick protection
  • Eliminates fleas, flea eggs, larvae and prevent reinfestation
  • Treats and controls various stages of fleas and ticks
  • Reduces itching and discomfort caused by flea infestations
  • External parasite protection up to four weeks
  • Promotes a healthier environment for your cat
  • Minimizes the risk of flea-related allergies
  • Saves your cat from potential tick-borne illnesses

Bob Martin Clear Ticks & Fleas Spot On Reviews

Average Rating 5.0 Based on 2 Reviews
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Average Rating 5.0
Based on 2 Reviews
Easy-to-apply May 14, 2023
This treatment is an easy-to-apply, odorless solution that helps to repel fleas from your cat.
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Safe and effective May 13, 2023
This is a safe, simple, and effective way to treat and prevent flea infestation in Kittens.
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