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Essential 6 for Dogs- A Spot-On Supplement

Essential 6 for dogs is a spot-on skin supplement from the house of Dermoscent. Easy to use, this supplement provides all essential nutrients and fatty acids to keep the canine’s skin and coat at its optimal health. The antioxidants and essential oils present in the solution treat various infections, hair loss issue, scaly skin, etc. Formulated with natural ingredients, Essential 6 rejuvenates dog’s coat without any side effects.

How it works?

Essential 6 is made using all natural plant extracts in a perfect proportion that helps in maintaining optimal skin and coat health of dogs. Numerous vegetable oils along with ten essential oils (rosemary, lavender, melaleuca, cedar, oregano, clove, camphor, wintergreen, peppermint and curcuma) and with vitamin E make Essential 6 a reliable skin supplement. Use of this spot-on replenish the hydro-lipidic film, hydrate the skin, deodorize, and help maintain a lustrous healthy hair coat for dogs.

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for dry weather
usually as winter sets in we start this treatment as it prevents dry and scaly skin condition in our dog due to dry and harsh winter weather
no more dull skin
It has greatly improved the skin condition of our pet.
no more tangles
has really helped to deal with tangle issue in our dog with a long coat. now it feels so smooth after using the supplement
Effective skin care supplement, it helped regain our dog's coat radiant
They work
Best supplement that has taken care of our dog's skin health for the last five years