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Scalibor Tick Collars Reviews
Average Rating 4.6
Based on 23 Reviews
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Top Reviews
Great Product!
The best and effective product I have ever used for my pal. Would strongly recommend it to every pet parent like me.
Best Product
Best thing to keep those nasty pests away for a good time.
Best and Effective Treatment
The best and effective treatment I have ever used for my pal. Would strongly recommend this.
Best collar
Best collar I have ever found that protects from flea and tick infestation for three months. Great Product!
Better than many other Collars.
I searched and tried many collars from online and offline stores for my pal’s flea protection but never had better than Scalibor.
very effective
Within 24 hours the ticks were all down and out, thanks to this collar.
Great product
great tick collar that we bought for our dog. Can't find better option than this
more walks now
due to fear of picking up ticks by our dog, we useed to restrain him from going in the backyard woods for play but after getting him this collar, we love to watch him playing in the woods
best collar
no more running around for monthly treatments, just one collar and lasts more than three months.
fast working
fast working tick collar. just in few hours after buckled up the collar, have seen fleas falling apart.