Tear Stain Remover Reviews

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Tear Stain Remover
  • Pet
    Dog, Cat
  • Benefits
    Cleanse Dirt and Tear Stains
  • Product Type
    Topical, Drops
  • Recommended for
    Dogs of All Life Stages
  • Key Ingredients
    Disodium tetraborate
  • Controls discoloration and prevents irritation
  • Helps in controlling ocular discharges
  • Prevents soreness and irritation of the eyes
  • Improves dog and cat unsightly appearance
  • Easy to use and no known side effects
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Safe Jan 06, 2021
My buddy's eyes are now stained free, this is a safe remover, now he is free from eye irritation too.
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Fantastic Nov 02, 2020
fantastic product easily removes all the tear stains
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Actually works Oct 12, 2020
Actually works and it causes no irritation or skin allergy
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The Wonder solution Sep 25, 2020
It is a magical solution to remove those tear stains from our white huskie
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best prices Aug 31, 2020
best prices, and great deals, love this site.
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Tear Stain Remover for Dogs & Cats
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