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Kyron Eye Wash for Dogs & Cats

Kyron Eye Wash is a natural cleaning eye drops for dogs and cats. It removes dirt and makes pet’s eyes clean. The isotonic formula soothes and cleanses the eyes. Kyron Eye Wash helps in cleaning the eyes before applying eye medication. The eye solution does not sting pet’s eyes and provides cooling effect. It is a perfect solution for clearing out sand after a walk. It is highly useful for cleaning before treating for conjunctivitis eye problem.

Kyron Eye Wash – Cleansing Solution

Kyron Eye Wash contains natural ingredients like sodium bicarbonate, boric acid and other cleaning agents. As made from natural substances, Kyron Eye Wash is totally safe with no side effects. When used regularly, it keeps your dog or cat’s eyes clean and safe from irritation or infection caused due to dust or dirt.

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Completely Amazing
I have searched many online and offline stores but couldn't find a better product than this.
The perfect solution
The perfect solution to use after a walk. It helps to remove sand and other harmful bacteria from my pal's eyes
Best of all others
No other product works better than this. It keeps our baby’s eyes clean and attractive
Great Eye stain remover
No more eye stains. The product helps to keep the eye area clean and makes it more lovable.
No more extra debris or diet on my buddy’s eye corners. Good cleaner with no side effects of irritation.