Antezole Liquid Oral Suspension

Antezole Liquid Suspension Dewormer  for Dogs and Cats

Antezole liquid dewormer is an excellent worming treatment to protect dogs and cats against roundworm and hookworm infection. The oral suspension eliminates intestinal worms and controls further worm infection in dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. When given from an early life stage to puppies, Antezole liquid prevents worm infection and ensures optimal health of the growing puppy. The oral dewormer comes in pump dispenser; hence, it is easy to administer to puppies and kittens.

How it works?

Antezole liquid dewormer is recommended for the worm treatment in dogs, puppies, cats and dogs. The liquid dewormer is made up of key ingredient – Pyrantel pamoate. It is a potent anthelmintic and effectively acts on roundworms and hookworms, and destroys them. Without harming the pets, the dewormer removes the worms. It is essential to deworm dogs and cats regularly as hookworms can easily be transferred to humans. The palatable suspension is easy to dose as it comes in a pump dispenser with accurate dosage.

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liquid treatment

easy to use and no drawbacks

Unique liquid formula

just easy to put it in meals and give my pets. They are too fussy to take any treatment but this makes my task easy.

It's Great Worming Solution

This is the product to consider for protecting little kitten from worms. Works really great on my cat and very easy to apply. We will continue to use this worming treatment and only this for my beloved cat.