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Ultrum Flea & Tick Powder

Ultrum Flea and Tick Powder

Ultrum Flea and Tick Powder is an excellent flea control talc-based powder. With high safety margin for mammals, it eliminates fleas and ticks on dogs and cats. The insecticide powder controls not only fleas and ticks but also red mites, feather mites, and lice on birds including caged birds and poultry. When used regularly, it keeps away flea eggs and larvae for three months and prevents recurring parasitic infestation.

How it works?

Ultrum Flea and Tick Powder, made with talc as a base, is a perfumed flea powder. It contains the powerful insecticide – Propoxur. Propoxur acts by inhibiting cholinesterase at the parasite nerve synapses and, eventually eliminate them. It is to insects, but at the same time has a high safety factor in mammals. The potent ingredient is highly effective in controlling mite and lice infestation in birds. The perfumed flea powder is easy to use as can be sprinkled easily.

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Great results!

Thankfully this product works perfectly and showed results on the very first day of application. I used Ultrum powder for two days in a row on my kitty and by the third day, it was completely tick free which made me very happy! Highly recommended!

Supple and soothing

It is a palliative touch on my pet without any side effect and irritation

No irritation

This powder works effectively on flea and ticks .This is easy to apply and with a good fragrance