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Revolution for Cats

Revolution for Cats is an FDA-approved topical treatment for cats that is intended for monthly use to protect against many common internal and external parasites encompassing fleas and heartworms. It provides complete protection against roundworms, heartworms, fleas as well as ear mites. This ingenious treatment is especially intended to protect your cats from harmful intestinal worm infection, Flea Allergy Dermatitis and sarcoptic mange.

It is safe to use in kittens over 6 weeks of age

How It Works?

Selamectin is the active ingredient present in Revolution for Cats. It is a topical parasiticide and antihelminthic that gets absorbed through the skin and hair follicles of the pet. It travels through the bloodstream. The parasites ingest the drug when they feed on the cat’s blood. It then disables parasites by activating glutamate-gated chloride channels at muscle synapses. It turns on the chloride channel without desensitization, enabling chloride ions headed for the nerve cells. It causes neuromuscular paralysis combined with impaired muscular contraction leading to eventual death of the parasites.

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One solution for all the major parasites
One solution for all the major parasites!
All round protection against nasty pest
This product helps to keep our furry mates safe from pests inside out. Would highly recommend this.
Complete Protection Against Pests
Complete protection against all pests irritating our felines in and out. Would strongly recommend this.
Complete protection
Complete protection against roundworms, heartworms as well as fleas and ear mites. One solution to treat many problems.
Best and effective
Best flea and tick removal formula. Easy administration and affordable too. Would strongly recommend this.