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Bravecto Spot On Reviews

Average Rating 4.9 Based on 74 Reviews
87% of Reviewers Recommend This Product
Bravecto Spot On
  • Pet
  • Treatment For
    Flea & Tick
  • Health Benefits
    External Parasite Protection
  • Product Type
  • Parasites Covered
    Fleas, Ticks
  • Protects For
    3 Months
  • Recommended for
    Cats and kittens older than 6 months of age
  • Key Ingredients

Bravecto Spot On : Key Takeaways

  • A perfect solution for kitties that are fussy eaters
  • Aids in controlling Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)
  • At least 3 times more lasting than the conventional, monthly flea and tick preventative products
  • Comes in new “Twist n'use” pipette design for easy application of the product
  • Commences killing fleas and ticks within two hours of administration
  • Kills adult fleas along with the entire life cycle
  • One dose is enough to protect kitties from fleas and ticks for 3 full months
  • Prevents flea egg development
  • Prevents flea re-infestation
  • Very fast reacting flea and tick preventative spot-on treatment
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Quick and easy application May 31, 2022
Easy to apply solution on cats, especially great for fussy eater cats
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Save you cat from the irritating parasit May 25, 2022
It is great for cats that do not like to take oral treatment. I am so much relieved now
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Easy to apply on pets May 25, 2022
It is easy to apply spot on treatment for pet, it has been preventing re-infestation and has also killed existing fleas.
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Helpful Product Apr 05, 2022
This is the most effective product for my pet that simply works the best
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Nice Product Mar 11, 2022
Easy to administer and has no side effects as well. Nice product!
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Bravecto Spot On for Cats
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