Bravecto Spot On

Bravecto Topical Solution for Cats

Bravecto Topical Solution for Cats is used to treat flea and tick infestations in cats. It can even be used as a part of the management of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD). It is accessible as a spot-on solution in a pipette for use on cats. The spot-on solution is available in different strengths for cats depending on their weight. This flea and tick preventative treatment kills fleas within half a day and ticks within 2 days of administration. With this help of this spot-on preventative treatment, veterinarians and cat owners now have another option available to fight fleas and ticks that irritate cats apart from the ones already there in the market.

Recommended for cats 3 months of age and older, weighing 2.6 pounds or greater.

How It Works??

Fluralaner is the active ingredient present in Bravecto Topical Solution. It works as an ectoparasiticide i.e.; it exterminates parasites that reside on the skin or in the fur of the kitty including fleas and ticks. But in order to be exposed to this active ingredient, these pesky parasites have to attach themselves to the cat's skin and start feeding on the cat's blood. Fluralaner kills fleas and ticks that have ingested the kitty's blood by acting on their nervous system. It blocks the normal movement of nervous system. This results in uncontrolled activity in the nervous system causing paralysis and death of fleas and ticks. The positive aspect of this active ingredient is that it kills fleas before they have the chance to lay eggs; and so it assists in reducing the contamination of the cat's environment.

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Trusted since ages

I have been using Bravecto for my pet for years. No complaints.

No other mess

Bravecto is very easy to use it's just that I need to twist the pipette and apply it on my kitty no other messy stuff.

Good product Great prices

Got this product at discounted rates from this online store. Bravecto is very effective on my pet.

Provides long term protection

Protects my pet for 3 long months from fleas and ticks

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