Feliway Spray

Feliway Diffuser Spray for Cats

Feliway Diffuser is a wonderful de-stress buster for cats. This innovative spray is extremely helpful in reducing urinating and soiling issues in cats. The pheromones in Feliway relaxes cats in stressful conditions. When the surfaces are marked with feliway spray cats recognize the area as comfort zones and do not soil or scratch the place/furniture. It is highly beneficial during festivals, parties, lightening, thunderstorm, fireworks and travelling. 

How it works?

Feliway is an excellent diffuser that helps in lowering anxiety levels in cats. It contains artificial pheromones that depict and work like natural cat pheromones. Feliway solution mimics feline’s natural secretions and lowers behavioral issues in cats. It prevents anxiety and stress problems. Feliway spray comforts and relaxes cats in stressful situations.

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Quite helpful, Just keep kitties calm

Exceed my expectations

Everything went well and the product exceeded my expectations.

My cat is happy cat now

no more behavioural issues. she behaves wiht anxiety issues.


Was little skeptical but found to be working perfectly. Thanks Budgetpetworld for the services.

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