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Bravecto Spot On Reviews

Average Rating 4.9
Based on 68 Reviews
88% of Reviewers
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Top Reviews
Provides long term protection
Protects my pet for 3 long months from fleas and ticks
Great Flea Repellent
Bravecto not only helped my dog to get rid from fleas but also protected from flea re infestation.
Easy application
Bravecto is very easy to apply on my pet as it comes in a pipette requires just a twist.
Fast Acting Treartment
This is a fast acting and easy to use flea and tick treatment for my pooch
Works Really Well
After 24 hours of ignoring me and looking thoroughly disgusted at me the cats appear to be much more comfortable and not continuously scratching after using this product.
Bye Bye Fleas
Bravecto is easy to use, doesn't smell as bad as some of the others. Works!
Flea-Free Kitty
It is always a mission to pick my cat and pin her down just like torturing her to get those fleas away from her. Bravecto spot on made it so easier to keep my kitty fleas free.
Bravecto Spot On To The Rescue
We reside in an area where my cat easily catches fleas. After using many flea control and preventives we switched to Bravecto spot on and we're glad to see how it killed fleas within half a day.
Easy to administer
My kitty was fussiest when it came to oral treatments but this spot on made it way easier to protect her from flea and ticks
Long Lasting Treatment
Easy to give and fast acting .No messy application of spot on treatments. Will most definitely continue to buy