Tylobiotic for Pigeons and Birds

Tylobiotic is an ingenious solution for treating Mycoplasmosis in pigeons and pet birds. It is especially developed to ensure that the side effects caused by overdose of Tylocin ingredient are minimized. It is highly effective and safe to use on birds and pigeons. Due to its easy to dose capability it is extensively used to treat and protect birds and racing pigeons. This high-grade powder controls and prevents the disease and restores birds’ energy.

How It Works?

Tylobiotic is a powder based treatment consisting of Tylosin as an active ingredient. Tylosin is a bacteriostat feed additive. It treats respiratory tract diseases like Mycoplasmosis in pigeons and cage birds. The other ingredients Nicotinamide and Calcium assist in fighting with stress. When all these ingredients are combined together it results in protection of birds and pigeons from harmful diseases.

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birds become healthy

once the treatment is on, i can see that my flock of birds becoming healthy again.

Very good product

Have purchased before and use regularly on pigeons and caged birds.

No Tylosin

My birds are too prone to this disease and looking to protect them. I never compromis this product with anything else, it works best.

Cheap prices

best productt and cheap prices. I never miss to get this during racing season. It keeps my birds healthy especially during the racing season.