MEDPET 4 IN 1 for Bird Supplies               

MEDPET 4 in 1 tablet is a broad spectrum individual treatment in tablet form for treating cage birds and racing pigeons. It is a preliminary treatment available for all problems found in birds and pigeons. Due to its safety component and affordability it is one of the most used treatments for birds. This tablet can be given to birds even before diagnosis. This preventive and curative treatment is quite effective on birds

How It Works?

MEDPET 4 in 1 tablet contains Furaltadone and Ronidazole. Furaltadone is an antibiotic that is used to treat infections caused by E. Coli in birds while Ronidazole is an antiprotozoal agent used in veterinary practice for the treatment of histomoniasis and swine dysentery. When both these ingredients are combined it results in treatment of four types of health problems in birds - Cankers, Paratyphoid, E. Coli and Coccidiosis.

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i recommend this product as it works on four infections. this one treatment is enough in treating various bacterial infections,. it is quite effective.

A must for birds

It not only treats but also prevents prevent. Great product to stock if you have ahuge flock.


I ordered Medpet 4 in 1 powder, i got the product on expected time. Budgetpetworld delivered product in good condition, where expereince with stores were too bad. Best company to buy bird products. Would surely recommend this.

No infection

No infection and no worries. Always prefer this product and it never let my pigeons suffer. Thanks budget pet world for deliverying pack on time.