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Bay-O-Pet Kiltix Collar Reviews

Bay-O-Pet Kiltix Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

Easy to use, Bay-O-Pet Kiltix collar is manufactured by Bayer. This collar is designed to protect puppies older than 3 months and adult dogs. The light weightiness of this collar makes it comfortable for its regular use. It is an effective treatment for eliminating fleas and ticks found in dogs. Choosing Bay-O-Pet Kiltix collar for your canine ensures safety from external parasites for 5 long months. Although it is water repellant, it is recommended to remove the collar while bathing your canine.

How it works?

Kiltix collar is made with two active ingredients, Flumethrin and Propoxur. These ingredients kill fleas and ticks efficiently for 5 months. It also provides protection against pest induced diseases. Apart from destroying external parasites, Kiltix also repels them. The contents of this collar use “hot foot” mechanism and does not allow ticks to get attached to the canine’s body. Made with high quality plastic resin, this collar with 45 gm of weight and 66 cm length is perfect for all dogs.

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protections going on
Our dogs have only had the collars on for 3 months and no fleas yet,,,seems the protection is going on as it promises on the pack.
Good collar
Easy to wear and no itching or red marks. The other collars usually end up irritating Tiger. But this seems going great with Tiger.
Value for money!
This collar is very effective and provides protection from fleas and ticks for 5 months. It is very lightweight and so my dog hardly feels its presence. Recommended!
It's Charm for Me!
Nothing to worry about with this collar!! It really does work for 9 months!! I LOVE this collar and I am not going back to use any other product for flea and tick protection again!!! And yes, it does repel and keep off fleas and ticks.
Perfectly Worked
This collar works perfectly! I have a dog that loves to play outside. So he is constantly exposed to fleas and ticks. I'm amazed at how well this collar work. No issues!!! I am so glad I found such a great product.
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