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Advantage Multi (Advocate) Reviews
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Based on 60 Reviews
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Top Reviews
My kitty was suffering with heavy flea infestation. I decided to go with this product and it turns out to be the most effective treatment .
Flealess Feline
We use this product every month and not found a single flea on our cat or in this house. It is good to see our feline friend flealess.
Highly recommended
Advantage multi was very beneficial for my cat, as its effect was immediate and was able to remove all the worms. I would highly recommend it.
Goodbye pesky critters!
I am extremely delighted to finally find a product that effectively eliminates pesky critters like fleas. My kitty is flea-free now!
My cat is flea free
Thanks to this amazing product, my cat is now flea free.
Like this
Great product with absolutely zero side effects.
Magnificent Results!
Advantage Multi is a great heartworm control product with extra protections included. I will continue to buy from Budget Pet World. Great price! Have saved a lot! Thank you, Advantage Multi!
Fast acting
Effectively controls fleas and heartworms .Good experience with this product.I rely on this product.
Best Option for Flea Prevention
This topical solution is best option for me, as my cat hates taking pills. Works well against fleas and ticks on my cat and I intend to keep using.