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Activyl For Cats and Kittens up to 9 lbs

Activyl For Cats and Kittens up to 9 lbs

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Activyl for Cats

Activyl for Cats is an exclusive spot-on flea control treatment consisting of a fast-acting, long-lasting formula that starts killing fleas within 8 hours of administration. It continues to kill fleas for a complete month. Due to its waterproof property, your feline can freely move around after administration of the treatment and can even bath after application of the treatment.

It is safe to use on kittens and cats 8 weeks of age and older and weighing at least 2 lbs

How It Works?

Indoxacarb is the active ingredient present in Activyl for cats. Indoxacarb, an oxadiazine pesticide kills fleas and destroys flea life cycle with the help of a procedure known as bio-activation. When the treatment is administered in felines, indoxacarb gets stored in the lipid layer of the cat’s skin. When the flea bites the feline it absorbs the active ingredient Indoxacarb. Indoxacarb gets activated when it gets in contact with the enzymes prevalent in fleas. Once it is completely activated, it harms the central nervous system of the flea thereby leaving it completely paralyzed and dead.




  • Orange pack for cats weighing between 2-9 lbs
  • Purple pack for cats weighing over 9 lbs
  • Hold applicator in upright position away from your face and snap tip open by bending it and folding it back on itself
  • Part the coat and place the applicator tip against the skin at the base of skull. Applying the product at the base of the skull will help prevent the cat from licking the product
  • Squeeze the applicator firmly, applying the entire contents directly onto the skin. Do not allow product to run off. Do not have contact with treated area until it is completely dry
  • It is recommended to reapply every 30 days or as needed but DO NOT apply more than 1 applicator per month
  • Do not administer in the eyes and mouth of the feline. If the treatment accidently enters the eyes then wash them thoroughly with water
  • Do not administer this treatment on kittens younger than 8 weeks of age and weighing less than 2 lbs
  • If you have a pregnant, debilitated, nursing or ageing cat then take the advice of your veterinarian before administering this treatment on them
  • If your cat is allergic to indoxacarb do not administer this treatment on them
  • This treatment becomes waterproof only after the period of one day after administration. Hence, it is advised to bath the cat only after 24 to 48 hours after administration
  • This treatment is only intended to be administered in felines. Do not use this treatment on any other animal species
  • This treatment needs to be administrated only on a monthly basis
  • Approved for use on kittens at least 2lb and 8 weeks of age and older
  • Breaks the flea life cycle
  • Effective flea protection demonstrated in fleas from multiple areas
  • Fast-acting. Starts killing fleas within 8 hours
  • Fragrance-free
  • Innovative active ingredient and mode of action
  • Long lasting. Kills fleas for a full 4 weeks
  • Prevents reinfestation
  • Quick-drying
  • Remains effective after exposure to sunlight
  • Waterproof, remains effective after shampooing and bathing
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Very cost-effective with great potential. Must buy for pests control.
Great product
The fast-acting and long-lasting formula for our felines. Thanks, guys!
Amazing Treatment
Tried many treatments but can't beat this product. Amazing treatment.
Works Well
This works really well with our Bruno. No issues whatsoever.
The best and effective
The best and effective flea ad tick control for cats. Would recommend this.