Top 30 Cat Quotes to Cherish This National Cat Day!

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A cat person will never miss a chance to know about cats whether it is about cat’s health, their dwelling and grooming habits, history, hygiene, cat diseases, parasitic infestations and the treatments.  Cat has all the special qualities and cuteness to turn your bad day into a great day. So who will not love to have a cat – a great furry companion who can always amaze you with her tricks and fills your life with unconditional love.

So, let’s see what famous personalities want to share about cats in form of quotes.

Here the top quotes about cats and their cuteness.

Neil Gaiman on cats
Albert Schweitzer on cats
Trisha McCagh on cats
Charles Dickens on cats
Rod McKuen on cats
Ernest Hemingway on cats
Jim Davis on cats
Roger Caras on cats
Jules Champfleury on cats
Barbara L. Diamond on cats
Lynn M. Osband on cats
Hippolyte Taine on cats
Ray Bradbury on cats
Lewis Carroll on cats
Sir Harry Swanson at cats
James Mason on cats
Hank Ketchum on cats
Dogs believe they are human; Cats believe they are God
Cleveland Amory on Cats
William S. Burroughs on cats
Mark Twain on cats
Robert Stearns at cats
Charles Dickens
Joseph Wood Krutch on cats
Anon on cats
George Mikes on cats
Colette on cat
William Ralph Inge on cats
Stuart McMillan on cats
Leonardo Da Vinci on cats


Time immemorial, people who love cats are always enthusiastic to write about their love for a cat or share their stories about their kitty. And National Cat Day is the time to share all about cats, their love and how can a human community rescue and shield them from all the unseen dangers.

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