National Cat Day: How To Make It Special For Your Cat

National Cat Day: How To Make It Special For Your Cat

National Cat Day is observed every year in October to spread awareness regarding the number of cats that either go missing or are euthanized in shelters. It also encourages people to adopt a cat and bestow them with profound love. For parents that already have a cat must also celebrate for the companionship these furry little creatures provide us. National cat day is all about making cats feel loved and cared. So, put some efforts and help a cat/cats feel pampered by you this cat day. Here are some activities that you can plan.

What Can You Do On National Cat Day?

Prepare Your Cat’s Favorite Meal

Pets love food more than anything else in this world. They literally live for food. So preparing your cat’s favorite meal is a sure way to make her feel happy and content. You can prepare fish or something that has tuna. According to many cat parents, cats love to hog on tuna and the cheese powder that is there on Cheetos. You can include them in the meal plan for this special day. Other than that, you can also bring organ meat or bones.

Give Your Cat a Good Massage Session

Nothing can be more comforting than a massage. Cats tend to love gentle massages with light or slightly medium pressure. You can also try effleurage – a circular motion massage that involves gliding strokes. Another form of massage is skin rolling which gives great sensation to cats but if you don’t know how to perform it, it is recommended to take your cat for a professional massage session in a salon. It can be a treat for your cat.

Bring New Perching Furniture or Toys for Your Cat

Cats love to jump and perch on shelves, trees, etc where ever they can find a place to sit. Thus, bringing new furniture can be exciting for them. Also, you can incorporate new toys in your plan because cats easily get bored by things that they have for long. Bringing a bucket full of new toys will certainly make your cat feel special.

Bring In a New Litter Box

Cats love cleanliness and they love to see their litter box immaculately clean. Better if they get a new one which won’t have even a speck on it. So, what are you waiting for? Replace the old one when your cat is not around and let her enjoy the surprise. She will certainly feel special.

Adopt a Cat from Shelter

Adoption is the noblest thing you can do this National Cat Day, because, there are umpteen cats that don’t get proper food and care in a shelter. Besides, shelter owners are not able to manage the cost that is needed for pet’s treatments which leads to euthanasia of several cats on a regular basis. So, adopting one or more cats from a shelter could be a great help not just for shelter caretakers but will also improve the quality of life of the adopted cat. Apart from that, you can also lend a hand in the shelter services or take the cats to vet.

This day is meant to motivate pet parents and cat enthusiasts to take care of their furry kids and gain more knowledge about their requirements so it can be incorporated to improve the lifestyle and overall well-being of a cat.