Halloween Day- Ensuring your pet’s ultimate safety



Halloween Day, an event which is celebrated on October 31st annually represents a festival of joy and extreme happiness for people based in all parts of the world. There are several exciting, popular activities which are conducted on this joyous occasion like exchanging horror stories, walking down to haunted locations located nearby, trick or treat, having fun at the other’s expense by playing pranks as well as costume parties which are based around the theme of Halloween.

However, such occasions are a source of great concern for pets despite the excitement involved because of the threats faced from loud ear-shattering celebrations causing immense distress to their ears as well as anxiety attacks, consumption of chocolate flavoured items available in local parties and finally unruly children who are capable of causing unprecedented harm as a result of their innocence.

Considering these factors, let’s take a look at the different factors which need to be taken into consideration for ensuring your pet’s ultimate safety this Halloween:

Lack of Familiarity:

Our furry munchkins rely on their ability to smell for differentiating familiar figures in their lives from those considered strangers as well as well as potential threats. However, Halloween as an occasion involves a flashy display of hats, clothes, masks in a creative, attractive as well as disturbing fashion. This scenario is more than capable of unnerving your dog or cat who could make the mistake of approaching an innocent man/women dressed in a unique costume aggressively. They may even get scared at the sight of such a strange creature and attempt to run as fast as possible away from the scene on the roads consisting of speeding cars and other vehicles. This could prove to be very fatal for your loyal four-legged companion and hence should be paid keen attention to on the occasion of Halloween.

Consumption of Dangerous Items:

Halloween parties are nothing short of a sight to behold with mouth-watering delicacies and snacks available for guests. However, the same item which you desire at any cost may prove to be extremely dangerous for your four-legged companion because of the differences in functioning. The same candies, chocolate which a human gulps down easily may prove to be fatal for your pet. Not only this, cheese which is a regular factor in many of the dishes can prove to be dangerous for your beloved cat as well. Considering this, it is quite important to keep a close look at the items consumed by your pet on Halloween day to ensure his well-being.

Effect of Loud Noises:

The loud crackers and yelling on the streets may be massively entertaining and joyous for an average human but your pet will certainly not share the same views. With frequent visitors, the constant ringing of bells, high-velocity music, screams from excited kids a common feature on Halloween, your furry munchkin may attempt to run in fright to a quiet place causing accidents. One is recommended to ensure your pet’s presence in a quiet, sound-proof room on Halloween to ensure peace and safety.

Fancy decorations:

With almost every party involving high-voltage wiring for ensuring the perfect special effects, there is a very high degree of risk involved for your beloved pet during these events. Our beloved companions are extremely adventurous and attempt to explore every unknown aspect using their teeth. Biting through these wires can prove to be fatal due to electrocution or even sprains, fractures in case of tripping on these wires.

Halloween is an occasion of great joy and celebration which every person awaits with bated breath. Every pet lover should ensure the same joy for their pet by taking into consideration the factors mentioned above.