Know Your Cat On International Cat Day!! Celebrate International Cat Day Wisely !

celebrating international cat day
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“Time spent with cats is never wasted” – Sigmund Freud

The fidelity of the quoted text stands at its core. Cats are the most gracious beauty. They are one of the most compatible pet you can adopt and spend your time with. On this celebrated occasion of International Cat Day, there are some admirable facts about the little kitty.

Facts About Cats On International Cat Day

1. Many of you must be under the impression that dogs are the most loved and adopted pets in US. However, to everyone’s shock it is the felines that have topped the list.

2. For all the lazy people out there, cats are the perfect companions for you people. Facts state that cats sleep most of the time of their lives. Best pals to laze around with!

3. Adopting a cat is a healthy step for the cat-parents. There are a number of advantages about living with a cat, as the pet will reduce the chances of heart strokes and other heart issues. Having a cat also lets you cope up with loss of a loved one. Making you more exuberant and lessening the allergies are a few of the advantages of having a feline companion.

4. Cat’s purr is a known way to reduce stress and anxiety in their human companions. A kitty’s rumbling can also heal you.

celebrating international cat day

5. Cat’s taste buds are ineffective when it comes to sweets. Yes, indeed it’s true!!

6. Cat’s whiskers aren’t just to play around with, they play a vital role. Who would have thought of it right? It is said that every tiny part of a body plays a crucial role and hence, here it is. These tiny whiskers of them help them navigate in the dark and detect objects.

7. Cats have a unique way of greeting each other. Unlike humans, they greet each other by touching each other’s noses.

It must have been exciting knowing so many facts about feline pals. On International Cat Day, take your pet kitties to celebrate the day, play their favorite games, let them relish their most-loved treats. Petting a cat will make you healthy and reduce the stress levels. It is an acknowledged problem now days that with such demanding jobs people spend most of their day burdening themselves with unnecessary load. Here’s a way out of all your pressure, adopt a cat!

With adopting a cat, comes a responsibility of taking proper care of them. Buying apt pet supplies and treatments from time to time ensures healthy kitten.

“Every contended lazy person has a sweet cat behind his laziness.”

Enjoy the day with your cat companion!!!

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