Obesity In Felines: Myth And Facts Behind It

Obesity In Felines: Myth And Facts Behind It - Budget Pet World

Your chubby feline is your potato kid, and you always find her cute and adorable. But, does being fluffy is the reason behind her sufferings? Overweight can be a perilous issue. A subtle increase in weight is sometimes indications of hormonal issues. Keep an eye on your pet’s lifestyle, as it should not be a sedentary one. Obesity is just not some extra fat. It is something never alone, always accompanied with disturbing issues for your pet.

Some of the unexpected health hazards due to obesity nearing your kitty are like-
1. Diabetes
2. Arthritis
3. Hygiene issues


  • Weight gain is proportional to eating


  • Mostly in elder cats, weight gain is associated with hormonal imbalance.
  • Weight gain is never due to eating but somewhere related to Poor eating and Overeating.

However, putting your kitty on diet is bit tricky and hard for you. Here we will suggest you effective ways to help your kitty to get into a better and fit version:

1. Eating habit

Obesity In Felines: Myth And Facts Behind It
Losing weight is somewhat difficult after gaining too much of it. So never expect that your chubby cat will lose it quickly as it is not good for her. Make sure you are not starving your pet. Diet plan and eating habits should be fixed and proportioned. Better cut off the extra fat from diet or try to feed them in proportion Scheduled and balanced diet with sufficient physical activities is safer alternatives to weight loss. Refrain from practices like a crash diet.

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2. Exercise

Obesity In Felines: Myth And Facts Behind It
Sharp teeth, webbed paws make her perfect carnivore. Carnivores usually hunt for their food. Your feeding regimen should be according to their instinct and their body needs so that they stay active. Ample amount of physical activities should be there apart from taking balanced diet. Engage them into playing, jumping and rolling with help of different toys and treats.

3.Water: An Essential Nutrient

Obesity In Felines: Myth And Facts Behind It
Water is an essential element, which detoxify the body and maintains the energy level by keeping body hydrated. Usually, after the age of 10, cats become repellent to water. Always keep a check on the water bowls of your cat and timely refill it with fresh water.

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Encourage your pet positively, when you are planning for weight loss in cats. It is very important for their well being. Keeping a constant communication with your veterinarian, you can help your pet in maintaining a good quality life with a planned diet plan.

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