The best therapist has Fur & Four Legs

Had dogs not been there in human life, most of the people would have ended up being depressed and lonely. It is these furry bundles of joy who bring vibrancy to our mundane lives. Pet love is the purest form of love in the world. A glimpse of their wistful eyes make you fall in love with them. Our affection is generally exhibited by means of hugs and cuddles but unfortunately dogs don’t understand hugs. It can be too suffocating for them but when they love and trust you deeply dogs have their own subtle ways to confess their love to you. If you know your dog pretty well, you probably might also comprehend his body language and the way he shows his love. However, if you are still naive at reading your dog, watch out for these signs.

5 Subtle Signs Your Dog Adores You

Wags His Tail On Seeing You

Have you noticed your dog greeting you at the door excitedly when you return home? It is because he has missed you as if you were gone for days. When dogs wag their tails and jump around on seeing you when you return, it is the most innocent way dogs express their love to you. They feel elated to have you back in their company.

Gives Direct Gazes

Direct stare into your eyes by your dog is the most powerful sign that insinuates how worthy you are for him. It shows your dog considers you an important part of his life and wants to stay with you. It also shows that he trusts you completely.

Leans Against Your Leg or Body

You must at times have observed your dog leans against your leg or body while you sit on the couch. This gesture reveals that your dog feels secure and comfortable in your vicinity. When a dog leans against you he feels relaxed and less anxious; this makes it obvious that he needs you by his side to feel safe.

Moves His Brows and Ear

Another subtle way that dogs show his affection for you is by raising his left brow and shifting his left ear slightly back. Though it may seem strange to you, it is how some dogs express they are comfortable in your company and love you and your space even by sitting distantly.

Cuddles after Eating

When a dog cuddles you after eating, it is how he is telling you that he completely adores you and loves to play with you. Because eating is of prime importance to dogs, if he finishes his meal and later on comes in your refuge to have some cuddles and fun, it means he totally loves you.

Dog have beautiful and completely different ways of expressing their love against their human friends. Then why not love them back in the way they understand it better.

Human and dog relation is as intense as a relation between two people, however, since dog have a completely different way of comprehending things learning how to express your love towards them can help you strengthen your bond with your dog. Here are some tips that you can follow if you want to tell your dog you love him as dearly as he does.

5 Ways To Tell Your Dog You Love Him

Feed His Favourite Food or Treat

We all know how much dog love their meals. It is thus the best way to win your dog. Feed him a healthy diet but also include some flavourful treats at times when he does good deeds. It will definitely be treated as a love sign from your dog.  Also, when you take care of what he eats, you somehow earn his trust as well. So make sure you pay importance to what goes into his mouth. Also, feed him timely because dogs want their meals as per their schedule.

Give Some Ear Rubs

Have you ever tried rubbing your dogs’s ears? Well you haven’t you must start doing it more often because dogs love to receive ear rubs. Ear lobe has maximum nerve endings which send impulse to the whole body generating feel good hormones endorphin in dogs. A ear rub relaxes your dog and makes him feel loved at the same time.

Learn The Dog Language

Learning how your dog conveys things to you helps abridge that human and dog communication gap. Try learn from professionals how dogs must be praised, what makes them feel happy and the way they respond to those emotions. Also, how you must take care of his health requirements and emotional support. People who are able to respond to their dogs who seek affection and trust from their masters well, are adept at earning their love back.

 Respond To Their Cuddles

No matter how tired or busy you are, if a dog comes to you to cuddle him try not to neglect his love. Respond him well with gentle pats and cuddles. This way you will help grow your bond with your dog and he will trust you for his life.

Spend Quality time

Spending time with a dog is the best way to know him completely. It also strengthens your bond with your dog because dogs are attention lovers. When they get quality attention from their owners, they develop beautifully and come out to be much affectionate towards other people as well. So schedule your day accordingly and try incorporating some play and grooming time as well. It will certainly make your dog feel loved.

Now that you know how to win your dog, go ahead and make him feel on top of the world!