Twitter Reacts to Animal Rights Awareness Week

This ongoing week (16th June, 2019 to 22nd June, 2019) is Animal Rights Awareness Week, and before we head to how Twitter is reacting, it is only fair to brief you up with this special cause.

So what is Animal Rights Awareness Week?

The Animal Right Awareness Week came into existence in the year 1999 by the animal rights group. Its main motive was to raise awareness of animal rights by educating the human population about the basic and necessary requirements of all the animals across the globe. And also to tell all humans to treat all animals with kindness and compassion!


Mayfield Vet Clinic in Mayfield, Kentucky is doing their bit by telling the human crowd to “be conscious of the countless ways animals of all kinds are enriching our lives.”

Canine HealthCheck situated in Spokane, Washington, wants us to make this week our goal to “help raise awareness of animal rights by educating the public about the basic needs of animals around the world, and to advocate for the humane and compassionate treatment of all animals.”


Ketogenic Pet Foods is encouraging everyone to reflect upon our pets’ right and to provide proper nutrition to them. And “since they cannot hunt for themselves, it falls to us to provide the right nutrition.”


All Creatures Vet calls out to all of us to “join together to be a voice for the voiceless.”

Network For Animals pleads to the human kind to join hands in supporting the animals together. So what are you waiting for? “Let’s be advocates of every magnificent creature.”

Not just in the United States, awareness for Animal Rights Awareness Week is being spread in other parts of the world too.

VetSupply, a leading pet supplies store in Australia wants us to raise animal awareness by following these 7 things. Watch the video!


DotSure in South Africa gives “some ways that you can support this awesome initiative such as fostering a pet, adopting a shelter pet or donating and volunteering at your local animal shelter,” to help raise animal awareness.


And lest we forget…

PETA UK reminds us about one thing, again and again. And that is to:


Mercy For Animals tells us to choose love over anything else because love knows no bounds.


And lastly,