Switching Flea and Tick Treatments From Time To Time

A common thought that keeps crossing pet parent’s minds is whether or not they should switch their flea and tick treatments from time to time. Now, this question only arises when the particular treatment product does not help in eliminating the parasites even after multiple doses. This does not mean that the flea and tick solution is ineffective because all treatments have great efficacy and it only varies from pet to pet.

Why You Should Switch Your Flea and Tick Treatment Method?

Every flea and tick product is highly effective as it contains the necessary ingredients to fight and prevent parasites, but different products can have a different effect on different pets. Thus, keeping that in mind, let us look at the main reasons behind why a switch in the treatment method is needed.

  • Suitability – Not all pets exhibit the same results. For example, Revolution may not be as effective as Frontline Plus on your one pet and vice versa on the other. The common proverb “one man’s food is another man’s poison” aptly fits here.
  • Pet’s Preference – Sometimes it so happens that your pet tends to lick away all the spot-on solution that was applied to him. This may well prompt you to switch methods. Hence, for such pets, oral treatment can be an option. On the other hand, if your pet loathes tablets consumption, spot-on or any other mode of treatment can be tried.
  • Side Effects – While most side effects are mild, which shouldn’t be much of a worry; it could have a bigger impact on a pet especially if you’re using the product on him for the very first time. Such a thing calls for a change in treatment method.

Think Before You Switch

A switch in product might not even be required. It could so happen that you the pet parent might have used the product in an incorrect manner. Incorrect usage of products can be of the following ways:

  • Used a dog specific product on a cat and vice versa.
  • Overdosed or under dosed your pet.
  • Applied the spot-on solution on incorrect areas.
  • Not treating the home or yard where maximum parasite life cycle occurs.

Thus, before you decide to switch flea and tick products, ensure that you have used the product in the way it should be used. Furthermore, there is no harm in switching between products. If due to reasons such as monetary issues you are switching to a cheaper product, so be it. But, make sure you take the advice of your vet before you make such decisions.

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