4 Steps to Get Rid of Fleas from your Pet and Household Environment

4 Steps to Get Rid of Fleas from your Pet and Household Environment - Budget Pet World Blog

The majority of pet owners have to deal with fleas during their pet’s lifespan. This very reason makes flea prevention in warmer areas like the south, a year-round affair. But it is extremely vital for pet owners to deal with flea prevention in the most appropriate manner. This usually means that only treating or administering flea preventive treatment to your pet will not enable you to win the flea battle. You also need to make a conscious effort by treating your pet, home and yard.

Let us now look at a few steps that will aid you in getting rid of fleas from your pet and household environment:

Determine Whether Your Pet Has Fleas

The very first thing that you need to do as a pet owner is to look for signs of fleas on your pet’s body. If your fur baby is scratching and itching, there are potential chances of him suffering from fleas. There are also various conditions that can contribute to the itchy coat of your pet, like dry skin or allergies.

Watch out for these signs while trying to determine whether your pet has fleas:

  • Flea dirt (Looks like black pepper discharge on the skin)
  • Itching, chewing and licking
  • Nervous depression
  • Presence of fleas
  • Skin lesions like moist dermatitis

Get Rid Of Fleas From Your Household & Yard

It is extremely important that you not only treat fleas on your pet but also his environment, which includes indoor and outdoor. There are various indoor products that consist of an adulticide (encompassing Pyrethrins and Permethrin) and ingredients (like Nylar and Methoprene that aid in killing flea eggs and larvae).

Before putting your flea protected pet back into the house or yard, ensure that the area has been treated for fleas to prevent re-infestation. Wash all the clothing that the furry companion has been in contact, including pet bedding, toys and pillows.

Kill Fleas Off Your Doggy

Employ a flea shampoo like Malaseb shampoo that will aid in killing the prevailing fleas on your pet, thus preventing them from migrating throughout the household, if they have not already. While washing your pet with flea shampoo, completely coat him with shampoo to ensure that all fleas are killed. Remember, fleas can hide on the belly of your pet, neck, base of the tail and rump. Hence, apply the shampoo properly in all these areas. Keep the flea shampoo on the pet’s coat for a minimum of 15 minutes, or as suggested on the product label.

Treat Your Pet With Flea & Tick Treatment To Prevent Further Infestation

Only getting rid of the fleas from your household and pet is not enough. You also need to administer Flea Preventive Treatment on your pet on an ongoing basis. The best flea and tick preventive products for dogs and cats are Frontline Plus for Dogs and Frontline Plus for Cats. Frontline Plus is one of the most effective and economical treatments for pets suffering from fleas and ticks.

Follow the instructions given on the product label, and administer the treatment at the base of the pet’s neck between the shoulder blades. This will ensure that the pet is not able to lick the treatment and allow it to work swiftly to kill fleas on your pet. Keep the pet on a routine flea and tick preventive treatment on a year-round basis. This will ensure that you have a happy and healthy pet!!!

So, how do you plan to get rid of fleas from your pet and household environment?

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