Easy Tips for training your dog

Easy Tips to train your dog

A well-behaved dog is something dog parents dream of. Having a well-mannered canine allows you the freedom of keeping him off his leash and knowing very well that he won’t be upto mischief. To have an obedient dog of your own, it is important to train him well. Irrespective of your buddy’s age, you can train him. Training your dog will not only keep him safe but will also make you a happier dog parent.

Before you begin your furry pal’s training, it is essential to take note of these basic tips.

Always Be Positive During Training

Training a dog is not at all easy. Infact, dog training can be a tricky and frustrating task. But it is important to always remain positive and curb your frustrations because every dog is different. While some dogs may take just a few hours to master a particular command, others might take weeks or even months. Hence, be positive and patient with your canine.

Rectify Mistakes Quickly and Move On

When your pooch makes a mistake or an error in training, do not make a mountain out of a molehill. Instead of staying mad for long, just correct his mistake and move on. You could use a stern but loving voice to make him know that you disapprove his action. Being firm and quick to forgive will help him train better. It will also lead to him learning quicker.

Use Things That Will Grab His Attention

If your four-legged friend happens to be lazy or is simply uninterested in his training sessions, you need not have to worry. In such a scenario, use things (preferably his favorite toy or food item) to lure him into training. This will, in all likelihood, make him do the things that he would probably not want to do.

Train in Small Increments

You cannot teach someone everything in one day. Not only is it difficult, it is impossible to do so. Similarly, when it comes to training a dog, it is essential to teach your buddy one step at a time. Teaching him in small increments will not only help him learn better but quicker as well. Always remember, less is more!

Consistency Is Key

If you live with your family, encourage them as well to use the same words and same hand gestures that you have been teaching your munchkin. Being consistent is key, which will not only help your dog grasp on it faster but it will also make his training a lot less confusing.

Tell Him What He Needs To Do

A key aspect of training dogs is to tell him what you want him to do rather than telling him what he did was wrong. For instance, if your dog starts to bark on seeing your friend walk in; instead of uttering the words “no barking”, use the words “sit down”. This will help in avoiding confusion and will be easier for your dog to interpret.

Discourage Him for Bad Behavior

Bad behavior like biting and nipping away at things or at you should be controlled. Instead of yelling at him, there is a better and nicer way to discourage bad behavior. Pretend to be in immense pain when your Fido bites or starts napping you. You will be amazed to see a surprised look on his face, making him stop immediately. Another way is to simply give him a toy or a bone to chew on.

Reward Him When He Does Good

It is always good to encourage your pal when he does well. If he follows instructions properly, reward him with a tasty snack or two. Let him know that he did good. Similarly, do not confuse him by giving him treats for bad behavior.

End Session on a High

When you reach the end of your canine’s training session, always end it on a positive note. Use words like “good boy/girl”, “well done” or “good job” and show him some love and praise. Also, do not forget to pet him once the session is done. Ending on a high guarantees your pal showing up for his training lessons the following day.

Remember to keep these essential tips in mind when you train your buddy. Training him may take up to weeks or even months. The important thing is to stay calm at all times and not lose patience. Good luck!