Transforming an Introvert Cat to an Extrovert

Transforming an Introvert Cat to an Extrovert


Now that most people believe cats are introverts, doesn’t really make them introverts. Yes, it is indeed true that they are reticent, moody and don’t solicit human attention as much as dogs do but not all cats have the same personality. In fact, it completely depends on how they are raised and nurtured. Some cats are ambiverts and like to be open to human interaction and playfulness when need be. Concomitantly, they covet their privacy too. No matter how much they would play with you or respond to your actions but when they retire to their shell, cats definitely need humans to respect their self-time.

Well, people definitely have a lot of expectations with their cats which definitely disappoints them because instead of trying to understand their pet, they force her to become like dogs. However, this is a completely wrong way of treating them, then be they introvert or ambivert.

Cats introvert nature could also be a result of the place they have stayed earlier and may, therefore, actually need some training to become extrovert and more playful.

On the contrary, Extrovert cats don’t have any such issues. They are outgoing, curious, love playing and have no qualms in meeting strangers. All this happens because they get that kind of exposure from a very young age. So, in case you have an introvert cat, you must try to make her comfortable in the place she lives. Talking of transforming her, you must try the tricks but first, you must assure whether your cat is introvert, extrovert or ambivert.

How To Understand If A Cat Is Introvert Or Extrovert?

Traits of Introvert Cats

  • Refrain from mingling with humans
  • Sleep most of the time
  • Stay aloof even in a lively environment
  • Afraid of strangers. Only family members are allowed to pet them.
  • Change horrifies them
  • Play with themselves

Traits of Extrovert Cats

  • Greet strangers
  • Are super active and curious
  • Participate in human interactions and activities
  • Plays most of the time


Traits Of Ambivert Cats

  • They mingle with people occasionally
  • Are playful
  • Act moody
  • May interact with people they know and act complete stranger to some

Extrovert cats are generally fast learners and their owners can actually teach them lot many things like paw shakes, commands to sit and get up, fist pumps and high fives. Introverts, on the other hand, need a comfortable environment to help her accustom to her surroundings.

Make use of these tips and make your kitty lively and playful.

How to transform an introvert cat extrovert?

  1. It is not that introvert cats don’t need humans around them. They do, but occasionally. So make the best use of such moments when your cat seems to interact with you a little. Play with her in those moments. Or, simply stay with her when she is playing so she gets comfortable with your presence.
  2. Give them their personal space and let her feel secure in your house and in your presence. Trying to invade her privacy can actually put all your efforts in vain.
  3. Do not force her to stay in a place of commotion if she doesn’t seem interested.
  4. Bring lots of toys and lure her to play with them. As she will start finding interest in those toys, you can see her getting more animated and frivolous.
  5. Before introducing her to a stranger, let her see him/her in prior visits and then ask the person to approach the cat.

Ambiverts can also be trained the same way but most importantly try to respect the space she needs. Let her be her when she doesn’t seem to be in the mood. The more you will make her at ease, the more she will open herself up to you. So first thing, comprehend what they want then act accordingly.

Cats are gullible and most of the times misunderstood. It is up to the parents to help her snug as a bug so she feels respected and understood. The more you will let her be herself, the more she will take interest in your world. So, follow the tips and bring out the best version of your cat!