Lets Fight And Protect Pets Against Fleas And Ticks This Spring

Protect Pets From Fleas and Ticks This Spring

Many research and studies on fleas and ticks spot out that American pet owners state that preventing fleas and ticks is the two top pet care priorities for them. When the season of these parasites start, prevention is always the best strategy to apply. On the contrary, it is also crucial for you as pet parent to recognize the symptoms of flea and tick infestation, in order to provide the help your dog or cat requires to fight against these diseases.

Protect Your Pets This Spring From Fleas and Ticks

Little More Insight On Fleas and Ticks

Commonly known as wingless pests, fleas can jump up to two feet that is 20% more than their height in the air. Depending on the environment, their life span can be as short as two weeks or as long as a year. And, the nature has its own game to play as these insects can reproduce millions of offsprings in a short period of time. These millions of fleas feast on animal’s blood and make them miserable and irritable.

Some of the most common indications that show your dog or cat has infestation are:

  • Scratching, biting, or licking much more than usual
  • Rashes, red spots or inflammation on the skin
  • Tiny and white flea eggs seen on the skin
  • Flea droppings on the fur that look like grains of sand
  • Loss of fur
  • Allergic dermatitis
  • Development of tapeworms
  • Hot spots and scabs on the body

Easily fetched to indoors, these insects – fleas can survive and thrive in the damp and dark areas of your house. Most likely to dwell in furniture, carpet, bedding, floor crevices and other damp areas. Once they find their host (your dog or cat), they spend remaining of their life living and reproducing – when they are left untreated.

Your furry pal when infested with a large number of fleas, can become anemic as these parasites suck through large amount of blood. Furthermore, dogs and cats are quite allergic to flea saliva and develop flea allergic dermatitis – a skin condition that causes inflammation as well as extreme skin irritation sometimes leading to hot spots.

Flea and Tick Prevention for Pets This Spring

The ratio of flea and tick population vary year by year. It is estimated that this year, there would be a rise of 37.45% fleas and ticks due to warmer weather conditions. And, to sabotage this, more powerful flea and tick treatments along with preventive measures need to be considered. Pet owners need to start flea and tick treatments ahead of the season. The regular monthly pet flea and tick treatment without a gap would leave no space for fleas and ticks to dwell and infect.

Keep the lawn cut short and remove foliage and debris to lower the risk of flea and tick population in your yard.
Ensure to use flea comb on your pet every day to remove ticks immediately, if you can spot them.

  • Washing your pet’s bedding in hot water once a week is helpful.
  • Vacuum your house twice a week to squeeze out these pests from the corners of the floor, upholstery, furniture, carpet and kitchen.
  • Based on your pet’s lifestyle, prefer to opt for topical or oral flea and tick treatments. Flea and tick collars are also quite useful.

Let the colors of spring fill joy in your pet rather than those nasty creatures irritating your furry friends.

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