How Does Over The Counter Dewormers Work For Pets?

Do Over The Counter Dewormers Work?

Most pet parents may be having this most common question always lurking into their minds – “Will over the counter dewormers work for our dogs/cats or not?” Whenever your pet has worms, you may be not knowing exactly what type of worm has infected your furry pal. Some worms like tapeworms are easily seen in your pet’s stool or around the anus whereas for other worms it may require diagnosis. Once you are confirmed with worm infection in your pet you can rely on dewormers that work effectively in eliminating these gastrointestinal worms from your pet.

Do Over The Counter Dewormers Work?

Numerous over the counter worm controlling products are available. However, least do the pet parents know that how effectively these medications are helpful in treating their pets. If you are one of them, continue reading and find out more about these dewormers.

For various gastrointestinal worm infection different worming drugs are available on various online stores. Additionally, some wormers are more advanced as they treat all types of intestinal worms and when given on the regular basis are efficient in controlling the infection or diseases caused by these worms.

Do Over the Counter Dewormers for Pets Really Work?


These are most common intestinal worms that most dogs and cats get infected with. If you’re not treating your pet with monthly flea and tick treatments, then your pet is most likely get infected with tapeworms. These worms are carried on by fleas and when these fleas are ingested by your furry pal, they get infected.

These worms are easily seen in your pet’s feces. Once confirmed, you can start with deworming treatment like droncit tapewormer or Cazitel Allwormer Tablets. When given every 3 months, you can save your pet from any tapeworm infection.


When your dog feces is not removed it can cause various diseases and roundworm infection is one of them. Most pets get infected by roundworms when they ingest the poop of another infected dog. The roundworm eggs spread from feces and infect your pet.

Roundworms are mostly diagnosed by finding microscopic eggs with a fecal examination.  Treating them with Endogard, cazitel or drontal plus is highly effective in removing these worms and protecting your pet from further infection.


Apart from roundworms, whipworms are also passed through infected dog’s stool. It is the hardest parasite to get rid off, once its eggs are deposited in your yard. It takes a prolonged treatment to treat whipworm infection.

Some of the effective OTC wormers like milbemax, Popantel, cestem help in treating whipworm infection. It is crucial that your dog need to be diagnosed and start treatment for this worm infection. However, keeping your dog on worming program can help you to protect your dog against gastrointestinal worm infections.


Hookworms are most common nematodes that infect puppies. They live in pet’s intestine and are quite dangerous as they can cause anemia, which when neglected lead to fatal consequences. Moreover, they are zoonotic and can infect humans as well. They can easily pass through skin and can infect you.

Milbemax, popantel or drontal plus can be helpful in treating hookworms. Continue the treatment regularly in order to avoid future infestations.

Few of these OTC dewormers are highly effective and quite affordable. It not only safeguards your dog or cat from intestinal worm infection but also prevent future infestations when given at regular intervals.