Celebrate Easter by Building the Purrfect Bow Wow Easter Goodies Basket for your Dog

Celebrate Easter with Dog Goodies - Budget Pet World

Easter is just around the corner. Bunnies and chicks will all be at rage very soon. But, do not forget to include your dog in this festivity by offering him some holiday goodies too!!! This is the purrfect time of the year to shower your love and affection towards your furry pal, and show how much he means to you. You can create a dog-friendly Easter basket. But, always ensure that you supervise the pup whenever giving him new toys, treats or apparels. Dog owners normally think that it is quite difficult to create an Easter basket for their furry pal. But believe us, it is much simpler than you think. Need a little inspiration?

Check out The Best ideas to Build a Purrfect Bow Wow Easter Goodies Basket for Your Doggy:

Get A Wood / Plastic Easter Basket

wooden basket

Purchase any wood or plastic Easter basket which you can procure from a pet retail store. But ensure that your dog does not get a hold of the basket and start chewing it. There are several materials which can be life-threatening to your pup. Hence, it is suggested to employ a metal bowl or get a brand new dog water bowl or feeder bowl for your doggy to use as a basket. You can procure a great eco-friendly stainless steel bowl, which reduces the health risk of the pet.

Be Cautious With The Fillers

easter grass basket

Easter baskets are known to have mounds of fake grass spilling over the sides, but these should not be used in your dog’s Easter basket. Although you may get tempted to decorate the basket with traditional Easter grass, it needs to be strictly removed from the reach of the dog, before he even tries to explore the contents. Remember, traditional Easter grass is a big “No” while creating an Easter basket for your furry pal, as he may choke or lead to intestinal obstruction from ingesting the plastic grass.

If you want to use a creative option instead of traditional Easter grass employ green waste bags. The great thing about it is that it gets removed very swiftly to keep the furry companion from ingesting. You can scrunch a few up to use as a festive liner and keep them in a safe location so that you can re-use it afterward while going to walk with your pooch.

Get The Right Treats

No Chocolate for Dog

Easter candies are not good for dogs. Chocolate is considered to be extremely toxic to dogs while any sugary candy or treat can make the furry pal ill. Even candy wrappers, if ingested, can be extremely lethal for the health of the pet. Never have these items in the Easter basket. If you have guests in the house ensure that they do not leave behind chocolate treats, wrapping and Easter grass within the reach of the pet.

Keep the dog’s favorite treats in the basket. Always keep a vigilant eye on the furry pal to ensure that he does not eat all the treats all at once. You can even create a homemade dog treat shaped like Easter bunnies and eggs or even a new rawhide bone.

Get New Toys

Easter Toys For Dog

If your doggy loves a specific toy, but it seems to be falling apart, consider getting a new version of his favorite toy. You can get a Kong toy which can be perfect for stuffing treats inside or get a bunny shaped toy. You can even consider getting a new ball for playing catch or even a Frisbee that makes great basket stuffers.

Consider Getting A New Collar/Leash

collar and leash

Since you are looking for different ways to pamper your doggy, it makes sense to get a new collar for your furry pal, if his current collar has outgrown. Remember, a new collar will do the trick. If he has chewed the current leash that can no longer be useful, you can gift him a matching leash.

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