Nexgard For Dogs- Shooing Flea And Tick Away Is A Treat Now!


Getting rid of fleas and ticks has always been a big concern for pet owners. There are indeed many treatments available in the market; however their use is messy and not easy to an extent if your pooch is difficult to handle. These issues were resolved easily when Merial introduced Nexgard, a revolutionary oral flea and tick treatment for dogs.

Nexgard has become popular among pet parents for its tastefulness, efficiency and quick action property. It is a soft, beef flavored chewable that made it easy to deal with flea and tick infestation in canines. This palatable treatment provides 30 days protection from external parasites and prevents re-infestation of fleas in dogs. It is often considered as a treat for dogs, let’s find it why!

How has Nexgard helped in making it a treat to shoo the pests off?

If you are a pet owner, the mess and difficulties that you may be facing while applying a topical flea treatment is no secret. There may have been incidents of skin irritation, redness of skin, and other issues during the use of spot on treatments. These barriers were a simple implication of the need of a revolutionary treatment that could ease the process of safe guarding our furry pals.

Merial was successful in formulating such a tablet that solved all the usual problems related to flea and tick treatments. It introduced Nexgard and it was nothing less than a sigh of relief for all pet owners. The softness of this tablet poses no issues in chewing and swallowing it.

The prime advantage of Nexgard is its beef flavored taste which is just like a treat to canines. It is guaranteed that your pooches will drool over this tasteful flea preventive making it easy to administer. One tablet a month, or rather one treat a month is enough to keep fleas, its juvenile stages, ticks at bay and successfully repels the insects. Isn’t it a chew that was awaited for long by all pet parents?

Why you should consider ordering Nexgard for your furry pals?

There are a few things to keep in mind when you choose flea and tick treatment for canines. In most cases they are- the treatment should be easy to use, it should be fast acting, efficient in killing fleas, 3 kinds of ticks   (the American dog tick, the black-legged (Deer) tick and the Lone Star tick), and the early life stages of fleas, waterproof, and reliable. Nexgard has all these properties and its deliciousness is an added advantage.

It provides a month long protection from pest infestation in canines and also has repelling properties. It is a perfect chewable if your pup is older than 8 weeks and weighing more than 4 pounds. It is safe to be administered in any dog breed. Nexgard is absolutely affordable for the positives it provides if you know where to buy from. These are some of the reasons of why you should consider ordering Nexgard for your pups.

In all, Nexgard is one treatment that is more of a treat with its yummy beef flavor than a treatment. Choose this chewable for your pup to make things easier and fun for them. Consult your vet before administering Nexgard to pregnant, lactating, breeding and ill canines.