What To Do When Your Pet’s Food Has Been Ordered off the Shelf?

FDA plays the biggest role in maintaining the health standards for us as well as our pets. The moment they think a treatment or a food product has lost its standard, that particular batch is immediately recalled. Recalling of food products is to remove each and every pack from the shelf and stop selling it. When we opt for parenting a pup or kitty, it is essential to stay up to date about such things to save our pets from danger.

There may be instances when you may have just stocked on your pet’s food and it would be recalled. Or sometimes your pet may become habituated to a brand and stuff of that particular brand may get recalled. This often creates a confusing situation and many pet owners do not figure out what to do. Here are some of the solved queries to go through when your pet’s food has been recalled:

Should I actually stop using the recalled food products?

The answer would be YES! Once the food products are ordered to be removed from the shelves, you too should remove from your house. Sometimes it happens that only a certain batch or a lot is declared unsafe, thus as a precaution it is safer to get rid of the recalled food products. You can try going to the seller to return them, but mostly it does not work. So, pack the food essentials in a plastic bag and put it in a garbage bag where no pet can reach.

What should I do if my pet has had food from the recalled brand?

There is always a reason for recalling a product. Thus, this instance should not be ignored. If your pooch or kitty has had food from the food product that has been recalled then you may need to contact your vet immediately. Some may ask to observe the pet for a few days and contact the vet if you notice any unusual behavior. However it is up to you whether you want to wait and check or deal with it straight away.

What are the other things that I need to take care of?

The officials may or may not inform the public about what went wrong exactly. If they do then it is well and good, but if they do not you may need to take care about some things yourself. So what you may need to do is to clean every place where the recalled food was placed. Wash the containers, utensils, bowls, pet’s mouth and your hands thoroughly.

Should I change my pet’s diet immediately?

There isn’t much choice than changing your pet’s diet at this point of time. However, you can make it easier for your pets to adjust with the new diet or pet’s health supplements. Choose the new diet that has similar ingredients to that of the previous diet. For instance if the recalled food that your pet was used to had chicken and rice as main ingredients then choose food having the same ingredients.

These are some things you need to look after whenever your pet’s food gets recalled. Taking the procedure lightly may affect your pet in a negative way.