Top Five Dog Caring Tips for Your FIDO

Top five Dog caring tips for your FIDO

It’s really important that you know the basics of caring for your dog before you bring home one. Dogs are sensitive animals that require regular care throughout their lives. As humans, dogs are also prone to many diseases and if not take proper care they can have serious health problems. Apart from this a dog also requires a proper place to stay, clean drinking water, nutritious food, ample play time, regular exercise and stimulation for its mind. Let’s have a look at ways in which you can provide a healthy environment that can contribute to the development of your furry friend.

Dog Meals

Feeding your dog nutritious food is the most important factor that can make a huge difference in the upbringing of your dog in his initial years. Numerous brands provide with various types of foods that are suitable for your dog. You may have to do some research on which brand or type of food is best suitable for your dog. Selecting food is dependent on the breed of dog, their age, and weight of your dog. Consult your vet if you aren’t able to decide the type of food that is appropriate to feed your pet.

Maintaining Proper Schedule

If you want to ensure that your dog develops a healthy physique then it’s very important that you maintain a proper schedule for him. Maintaining a schedule can help you maintain a proper plan for his diet and other activities. A proper scheduled diet would ensure that your dog remains healthy and avoids other dietary and health problems. Other activities like playing, exercise, sleep, etc, should also be carried out at the proper time. Maintaining a schedule will yield you the best results in return for the efforts that you are putting behind your dog.

Regular Check-ups 

Having a trusted as well as professional veterinarian for your dog is also a primary requirement. As dogs are prone to various infestations and diseases like Lyme disease, heartworm infestation, flea and tick infestation, etc, they should always have regular health check-ups. Having regular check-ups would ensure that your dog isn’t affected by any viruses or infestations and will help you stay a step ahead in maintaining your dog’s good health.


As we humans are vaccinated against various diseases and viruses in our small age it protects us from them. Similarly, dogs too require vaccination against various diseases. Your vet will have complete information about what vaccination a dog should receive and at which age. Talk to your vet in detail about the same and keep a reminder in your calendar that would help you remember that it’s time for your dog’s vaccination. Prevention is better than cure, keep this in mind and act accordingly and see the benefits of maintaining a proper health regime for your pet.

Exercising, Socializing and Playing With Your Dog

To keep a dog fit and young it’s also important that you expose him to regular exercise. Regular exercise may include brisk walking, playing catch with your dog, or taking him for a run. This will help your dog stay slim and fit. Other than these socializing with your dog is also equally important. To socialize with your pet you can take him to the park or in various events that allow you to develop a healthy and strong bond between you and your pet.

Everyone dreams of having a pet, but it’s very important to realize that having a pet will put more responsibilities on you. You will have to plan ahead on every occasion and make sure that your pets too are taken care of. As you will move ahead in your life with your pet by your side you will realize that no matter how old or young and right or wrong you are, your pet will always look at you with those same innocent eyes and shower their unconditional love on you.