Keeping Fido Safe In The Summer Heat

Keeping Fido Safe In The Summer Heat

Just take a quick note about what all things we require to keep our
Fido cool during the hot months.

Provide cool, fresh water to your Fido round the clock. At home, definitely all pet parents would keep that pooch’s water bowl full. But, going out in the nice weather does not shun this necessity. Keep stock of fresh water wherever you are out with your furry pal.

Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe From Summer Heat

Are you headed to dog park, to catch up with other doggie partners? If yes, ensure to have a bottle of water with you with added chunks of ice to keep it cool. Whenever headed outside, take a dog bowl and dish with you or keep it in a car. You can keep an extra pair of these articles in your car, this can save you whenever you forget to take these things along with you. Keeping water handy whenever you are headed towards the beach, the lake or any other outdoor adventure is a must.

As water is important for your furry pal, so is dip in a cool water. Most pooches like to dip in the water to cool, and if your dog loves it, then go with it. Set up a baby pool in your backyard for the furry paws to have a dip in or take it along with you whenever you are going outdoors – a picnic place, beach or park.

pet safety tips during summer

Many times pet parents think that leaving the Fido in the car to just pick something from the shop is ok. If you are one of them, then you are making a big mistake. In hot weather, temperatures rise tremendously and inside the car it is too high comparatively to the outside environment. This can lead your dog to the condition of stroke. And, neglecting this can even lead your pooch to fatal condition. It is better to take your pooch along with you whenever you are outside your car rather than locking your pooch inside the car.

Along with this goes the diet. Canines require proper diet during these hot months. A good nutritious diet can help your Fido to stay fit and healthy during the summer. In lack of proper diet, many times pooches feel fatigue and lack of appetite resulting into ill health. A balanced diet helps your dog to stay active and energetic without falling into the hands of a vet for pet’s health treatments.

Enjoy summer to the fullest along with your pooch take a note of all the above recommendations. Proper water supply and food will help your pooch fight against dehydration and other health issues that occur mostly during hot weather. Let’s make this summer more dog-friendly enjoying every bit of breeze.