Riding In Car With Your Dog? Follow Safety Tips For Traveling With A Pet In The Car

Driving with Dog Then Follow Safety Tips

Normally, while traveling in a car taking a pet along with them, pet parents forget to take care of some basic things. And, missing on these, most times they face dangerous situations – sometimes even risking pet’s life. Rather than just lashing away those crucial things bringing in more danger, the best thing is to consider these trivial but vital things. Let us check one by one these safety tips and ensure pet’s overall safety.

Safe Ways To Travel With Your Dog In A Car:

1. Have Seatbelts And Harnesses For Dog

Get crash tested seatbelts attached to your car’s seatbelt system or the cargo. This will help safeguard both you and your pooch. Definitely, you don’t want a dog in your lap or going hitting the roof of the car or the windshield in case of accident. Using an unbreakable seatbelt for securely fastening your pup is very much essential.

2. Leash Your Dog Before Opening The Door Of A Car

Numerous accidents occur due to this. Many pet parents just ignore the necessity to leash their dog when opening the door on the road due to some work. And on the strange busy road, there comes a vehicle and just hit through dog. Moreover, on the busy environment, pets can be frightened and run off into the traffic or to places that are difficult to access. Leash helps to control the pets on the road zeroing the chances of accident.

3. Avoid Keeping Your Dog On Front Seat

You love your pet dearly, that doesn’t mean to have him sit in the front seat of your vehicle. A survey has shown that the risk of accidents increases by distracted driving and a pet in the front seat means there going to be a higher risk. While driving pets should not be in the front seat or positioned in your lap. Make sure to keep your dog in the cargo area or back seat.

4. Restrict Movement Of Your Dog

When riding your small dog in the back seat, use either a folded back seat that will help to increase the level or place an elevated car seat in the center. If it is the pup, then the center of the backseat is the safest. Ensure that the car seat you select is secured with seatbelt and if not then purchase a separate crash-tested car seat harness for your pooch’s safety.

5. Never Allow Dog To Hand On Window

Dogs love to put their head out of the window and pet owners just allow this. But, it isn’t safe at all same as it’s not safe for children. There is a danger of your pet getting hit by other roadside traffic or objects. Not only this, debris or dirt can also get into your pet’s eyes and lungs leading to diseases. Even sometimes, the pet jumps out of the window while driving or when stopped, which can cause accident.

Road safety is quite necessary for pets and especially when you are driving them in a car. Ignoring the safety measures may be a little fun for you and your cute pooch but definitely a dangerous leap on his life. Applying these safety measures, you will have a lot more to enjoy with your furry pal on a long drive.