Pros And Cons Of A Dog’s Collars

It happens many times that as a dog parent you bring home a harness or a collar for a dog that you think is perfect for your dog but sometimes it isn’t safe for your dog. Even though you select the best collar for your dog you need to know some basic things before choosing a collar.

Many dog parents want their pooch to look attractive with those collars that they think will look good on their dog but have you observed your dog’s behavior after using that collar on your dog? It may happen that your dog is not comfortable wearing that collar.

What You Need To Know Prior To Selecting A Collar For Your Dog?

There are many collars and harnesses available on the market for dogs. Sometimes you get confused to which collar to choose for your dog. Here is a brief overview of some different types of collars and their pros and cons.

  • Rolled or flat collars

  • Choke Chain

  • Pinch collar

Rolled or flat Collars: Rolled or flat collars are widely used by dog parents. You can easily fasten this collar with a plastic clip or a buckle.

Rolled collor of dogs


  • Inexpensive.
  • It is easy to attach the identification, rabies and license tag on this collar.
  • These collars are easy to slip off and on.


  • When a dog plays roughly with other dogs it can get their mouth caught in other dog’s collar and creates a panic. Struggling to get loose sometimes tightens the collar and puts your dog in a suffocating situation.
  • When you pull your dog hard it generates pressure in a dog’s eyes and it can lead to some eye issue in your dogs.
  • Pulling your dog excessively can harm its neck.

Choke Chain: Choke chain was very popular during the older times. Choke chain is one of the commonly used tools to train a dog. It applies pressure to a dog’s neck. By popping a leash the chain will get tight around the dog’s neck and will release when a dog slows down or stop pulling itself.

Choke chain for dogs


  • A proper use of a choke chain can draw your dog’s attention towards you to move in a proper heel position.
  • The chain creates a squeezing sensation on a dog’s neck. It is an effective way to control your dog.


  • When a choke chain is used inappropriately for a long time, it can damage a dog’s neck.
  • Many pet parents have complained about damaging the dog’s neck after using the choke chain.

Important Note: Do not use a choke chain on dogs that are younger than 6 months.

Pinch or Prong Collar: A pinch collar looks like a torture device but it is far better than a choke chain if used properly. Pinch collar has inward pointing prongs.

Prong Collar of dogs


  • Dog’s immediate response.
  • The pressure generated is very low compared to other tools.
  • If handled properly, it can create less harm to a dog’s neck.


  • In some situation, the discomfort can lead to aggression in your dogs.
  • Improper use of the chain can create chances of serious psychological and physical damage.

Conclusion: There are many other collars too on the market that you can buy for your dog. One thing you need to know is none of the collars is perfect. You have to choose according to your dog size, shape, and their behavior.