Can I Use Topical Treatment As Well As Collar Together On My Dog?

Can I Use Topical Treatment As Well As Collar Together On My Dog?

Every pet parent’s one of the major concerns is to buy One of the major concerns of every pet parent is to buy the best flea and tick treatments for their pets but, because there are numerous brands and types of treatments available in the market, choosing the correct treatment itself becomes a difficult task.

There are many types of treatments – Topical, Oral, Collar, Spray, Shampoo, Soap, Powder and many others.

Out of all these treatments, Flea and Tick Collars are popular in terms of repelling fleas and ticks. But the main question that arises in many pet parents’ mind is,

“Can I Use Topical Treatment with a Flea and Tick Collar On My Dog?”

To find the answer to the question lets first know the way these collars and topical treatments work.

Flea and Tick Collars –

There are two types of collars:

Repels parasites – These type of collars repel parasites by emitting gas.

Killing by contact or after a bite – The active ingredients present in these types of collars penetrate deep into the skin and get mixed with the blood and skin fluids so that they can neutralize fleas and ticks when they feed on your pooch’s blood. However, there are some collars which emit active ingredients that kill by contact.

Topical Treatments –

There are many topical treatments like spot –ons, shampoos, sprays or powders. And, they also have two types of actions; they kill either by contact or by seeping in the skin and terminating parasites when they try to feed on your furry pal’s blood.

Now, after knowing how they work, let’s address the elephant in the room –

Should we use topical treatment alongside a flea and tick collar?

The answer varies as per the type of collar you are using. For example,  Preventic collars can be used safely with treatments like

Preventic collar is generally very effective for flea and tick prevention, especially tick prevention.

And,as far as seresto collar is concerned please contact your vet before using any other treatment with Seresto flea and tick collar.

Make sure to check whether your collar prevents or it treats the parasites because if it is merely a preventive or repellant, then you would need other treatment to be administered. In such cases, mostly the collars can be safely used with topical treatments.

However, it is advised to contact your vet before clubbing any treatment with the other one.