Nexgard – The Ultimate Treatment for your pet

Nexgard – The Ultimate Treatment for your pet

Fleas and ticks are nasty parasites that suck blood from pets and cause miserable diseases. Though there are a number of flea and tick treatments available in the market, it is very necessary to choose the one that suits your pet. Well, there are many factors that matter when it comes to choosing the correct product which are –

  • The severity of flea and tick infestation
  • What stage is the lifecycle of the flea or tick?
  • Age and weight of the pet
  • Any medical condition that can hamper the usage of certain products

Other than that, the type of product also matters. For instance, oral pills and topical spot-ons are more effective than powders, shampoos or sprays.

Besides, a major concern of pet parents is whether their pet will take the pill or not. Or, the pet is too restless to stand still and allow the parent to apply anything on his skin.

If immediate relief is the concern, products that are powerful and provide instant relief are more suitable to a pet that has a full blown infestation.

Thus, it is important to find which product suits your pet the best. Well, in case your dog loves treats, Nexgard is the best bet.

How Is Nexgard Helpful In Killing Fleas and Ticks?

Nexgard – The Ultimate Treatment for your pet

Nexgard – The Ultimate Treatment for your pet

Nexgard is a powerful anti-parasiticide that kills fleas and ticks within a day. It is most likely preferred by dogs because of its beef flavor and since they are chews, dogs take them as a treat. Its active ingredient Afoxolaner kills adult fleas and ticks before they can lay eggs and multiply their population.

Afoxolaner causes hyperactivity in the parasite by causing over-stimulation of the nervous system. This action leads to eradication of the parasitic population.

Other than Nexgard, there are a couple of other products that are renowned for eliminating fleas and ticks but their administration method is different.

For instance, Frontline Plus is a highly effective, topical treatment and has been trusted for its inimitable efficacy against parasites. It has s-methoprene and fipronil that seep into the pet’s skin and attack the nervous system of the parasite, causing hyperactivity, as and when it takes a blood meal.

Then there are oral tablets like Program Plus that also remove fleas. This multi parasitic treatment is highly useful in not just removing flea infestation but also eliminates three types of worm infections as well. This product contains Lufenuron and Milbemycin that work to eradicate flea population by hampering the process of flea development.

The market is loaded with sundry products but ultimately it is up to the pet parent as to which product suits their pet the most and is also convenient for them to administer. Thus, it is important to make the choice carefully. However, do remember that a treatment which is oral is always more efficient over other treatments. So, choose accordingly.

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