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frontline top spot

Recently there was a study, which took polls of people to vote for the best-loved treatment for their pets. And to no one’s surprise, the product belonged to the Frontline family. Frontline products have been a part of care and prevention of both your beloved pet pals – cats and dogs. Frontline Top Spot gained attention amongst the pet owners rapidly.

Frontline Top Spot is a topical solution designed for the pets as the most convenient and swift acting treatment. Manufactured by Merial, its major key point is to fight against fleas and ticks.
To those, who are first-time readers, fleas and ticks are parasites that endanger your pet’s lives. These are small insects that host on your pet’s body and feed on their blood.

Frontline Top Spot ensures the complete monthly protection of puppies and dogs from fleas, American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, lone star ticks, deer ticks and biting lice. These ticks for sure are very lethal to the dog’s health as they carry various diseases. A monthly use of this spot-on reduces the risks of tick-borne disease in the dogs. On application of the treatment, it takes just 24 hours to give 100% results of elimination of adult parasites. It prevents and controls flea and tick re-infestation for a month. It controls paralysis ticks for 2 weeks and brown dog ticks for an entire month. It is a waterproof treatment that consists of Fipronil as its active ingredient. Fipronil a known drug is used to destroy fleas and ticks by attacking on their nervous system, paralyzing and eliminating them. Frontline Top-Spot also aids in prevention of flea allergy dermatitis. The easy to buy color-coded system is very efficient and attracts plenty of pet-owners. The color code is especially for canines and is as follows:

Frontline Top Spot for Dogs All Sizes - Budget Pet World Blog

Although for cats, it is a little bit different. In cats, Frontline Top-Spot is only effective against fleas and chewing lice. It takes the same 24 hours to kill all the adult fleas and furthermore prevents the cat and kitten from Flea Allergy Dermatitis.
The re-infestation of the fleas is prevented by destroying all the stages of fleas that can become adult fleas i.e. flea eggs, larvae and pupa.

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With these properties, it is prominent that pet-parents selected Frontline top-spot treatment. A vet-recommended product and loved by pet-owners indicates the acceptance of the treatment.
After buying the package for the pet, many parents’ complain about the ineffectiveness of the product. To make sure you are applying the treatment correctly, read the following steps and compare:

Frontline Top Spot Treatment for Dogs and Cats - Budget Pet World Blog

  • Part the fur at the base of the skull to create a visible skin spot.
  • Open the pipette, place the tip on the spot and empty the entire content.
  • Let the spot to dry completely.
  • Repeat every month.

Budget Pet World Tips:-

It is safe to be used on all the pets – puppies and kittens of 8 weeks of age and older & dogs and cats.
Using frontline top-spot let the pet parents breathe a sigh of relief. Adoring a pet and taking his responsibility for all his life is a commendable action.

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