Does My Dog Need Heartworm Prevention All Year Long?

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This is probably the most common question asked by pet guardians, especially during winter. Heartworms are transmitted by a bite of an infected mosquito. This is the only way your pet can get heartworm infestation and everything rest that you may have heard is myth.

Heartworms were not detected in all states before a few years. However, environment has changed and today heartworm infestation is recorded in each and every state of the USA, even in the coldest ones. It is extremely important to prevent canines from this infestation as it may turn fatal if gone unnoticed for long.

If you too are facing the confusion of whether to treat your pooch with heartwormer or not this winter, then here is the key to it: According to American Heartworm Society, YES, you need to treat your pets with heartworm prevention in colder months too.

Colder months are not that cold any longer and this is one of the prime reasons of not missing on heartworm control in winters. Moreover, your homes have warmer temperatures with the heater on and this is a favorable environment for mosquitoes. They may appear in your house, though in small number.

Almost all heartworm preventives possess ingredients that also provide protection against intestinal worms. These intestinal parasites sometimes are zoonotic, which means the diseases spread by them may get transmitted to humans. Thus it is advised to use heartwormer all round the year.

Untreated pets are easy targets for heartworm disease which may need severe medications to cure as these preventives are not supposed to be given if the pet tests positive of the infestation; they are simply preventives. Heartworm diseases can be fatal and that is the reason this infestation is better prevented than cured.

You may need to consult your vet before starting any heartworm prevention for your canine. There are many palatable oral treatments that may be suitable for your dogs. However Heartgard Plus and Revolution are two of the most trusted topical heartwormers for canines. Try not to skip on even a single dose and protect your furry friends from this fatal infestation.

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