Boarding Your Pet? Tips To Make Sure The Kennel Or Cattery Is Perfect

Leaving pets back at home is always difficult and stressful. We may never be able to know whether our pets are really taken care of and dealt with love or whether the assurances from the other side are just words. It is true that we need to trust, but it becomes a bit difficult when it comes to pets. Isn’t it?

If you really trust your friends & family with your pets then there are no issues, but if they even think twice before giving any answer then it would be much better if you choose boarding kennels over them.

However, this decision should not be made in haste and the boarding must be checked thoroughly before you decide to keep your furry friends there. Here are some tips that could help you choose the boarding!

Make sure the boarding provides…

  • The boost to be: This may not be the only time you need to board your pet, right? To make pets feel at home, the boarding should have that boost that encourages pets to stay there happily. Dogs need space large enough to flex their muscles and cats need tiny spaces to hide in. With ample space your pets may also need their toys to play with and spend their time happily. If possible, take their bed to the boarding so that your canines and felines feel at home with familiar smell and things around.
  • A reliable staff: If you choose to board your canine or feline, it is necessary to check the boarding kennel staff as they would be the ones to deal with your companions. Be vigilant during your visit and check whether they are stressed or relaxed, attentive to the boarded pets or have a breezy attitude towards their responsibility. Also check how many animals one staff member has to handle. Analyze the scenario and then make a decision after keeping your conditions if you have any.
  •  Quality food and treatments: Ask everything about the food they provide and what pet’s treatments and medicines do they keep to treat pets that fall sick there. Check if they can feed your dog or cat’s food and if yes, hand over the packs to the boarding. Also make sure that they provide reliable veterinary service in case of sickness in pets.
  •  Good impression: It is said that you should trust all your senses, especially eyes and ears. When you have checked the boarding yourself and are satisfied, it’s time to open your ears for referrals. Look for online reviews on social media about the kennel and ask your family or friends for their experience. After hearing and seeing it all, go with your instinct!

 These are some of the most important things to check apart from the obvious ones like cleanliness while you decide to board your kitty or pooch. Make sure the kennel and cattery has all the above qualities to give your pets a healthy surrounding.