Why You Should Celebrate International Cat Day?


One reason to know why international cat day is to be celebrated is the history it holds with human civilization. Though researching for many years, scientists are unable to trace from where the cats have evolved, recently they have unfolded the mystery. A buried wildcat was found near the corpse of a person in Cyprus who lived approximately 9,500 years ago. This scenario clearly states that since times immemorial humans may have a relationship with cats then it was presumed previously. Moreover, researchers suggest that cat ownership can be traced back to central China, maybe about 5,500 years ago.

Although farming was a way back long, it is discovered that humans have kept cats at much later. And, the necessity must have arisen due to the threat of rodents that would eat away all the grains. As agriculture was the main occupation at that time, grain came as surpluses. And, with the surplus grains came rodents. These rodents would eat away whole grains and spoiled the harvest. To keep a check on these rodents, farmers must have found wildcats as the best weapon. And, thus they started domesticating cats. This was not only advantageous for farmers but also for wildcats.

Over the years, these Wildcats have evolved into a variety of cats we love today. And, honoring the contribution of these cats to the modern society, International Cat Day has been started.

It all started in 2002 by international Fund for Animal Welfare. It was a way to honor cats by the people and a day to advocate the total wellbeing and welfare of a cat.

In spite of so much contribution by our feline friends, according to a report, still each year approximately, 3.4 million cats enter shelter homes just in the United States alone.  And, about 1.4 million of these cats will be euthanized. Thus, it is a concern and to address this issue – International Cat Day is the best occasion.

People can come forward on this special day to provide their services in an exceptional manner

  • Adopt a cat
  • Donate to shelter homes
  • Pay for vet bills for stray cats
  • Volunteer at animal shelters
  • Buy cat essentials like flea and tick treatments for cats in shelters
  • Spend a day with sick cat

These are a few things that you can do to honor this day and show how much you care for cats and how important they are for our lives. Therefore, let’s come forward to help every cat on this planet lead a healthy and secure life.

Happy International Cat’s Day – We Pledge to Make Pet’s Life Better through Affordable Pet Supplies!